No wonder I am writing my life spirit story! Thanks so much JAMES Blake Moore, for telling me you took the time and energy to focus your uniquely powerful divine healing connective energies, my way. I am supposed to be preparing my new spiritual fruit/herb/root breakfast and stopped to set down to write about how great I felt when I opened my refrigerator to take out my root, herbs for creating my breakfast, when I decided I felt so good about everything right now – I had better stop and take the time to write about it. It is all about how when I was full of anger (age 29 now I am age 79 – 50 years ago). MAHASHREE without me knowing anything about Him or The Five Fold Path, STOPPED me in my tracks and had me fast for 40 days and graced me with entry into LIGHT and LIBERATION. Then when I finally asked what am I to do now I heard from the CORPOREAL VOICE, (THE VOICE OF GOD) “ You must go back -raise a family- and show others the way!”