Agnihotra is the base for the resuscitation of ancient transformation
techniques to purify the planet. Research and Agnihotra should be done in
the following direction:

  1. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS of Agnihotra ash to find out, if possible
    the Raison d’etre behind the miraculous healing effects experienced
    by thousands on all continents.
  2. ISOTOPE ANALYSIS of the ash to find out how it is possible to
    create by human endeavor a place where radioactivity is reduced
    or negated although according to modern knowledge there is
    nothing known which can achieve this result.
  3. The changes in the magnetic field around a place where 24 hour
    Homa fire is practiced.
  4. SPECTRUM ANALYSIS of Agnihotra ash
  5. How does the Agnihotra ash acquire the potency to turn the
    phosphorus in the soil into water soluble phosphorus thus giving
    nutrition to plants without any fertilizer addition.
  6. Why Agnihotra ash purifies water as it does in each and every
  7. If you burn the same material as are burnt in Agnihotra process but
    not at the exact time of sunrise/sunset and not with mantra or the
    copper pyramid then the resultant ash will not have the potency to
    turn the phosphorus in the soil water soluble. WHY? The healing
    property of the ash will not be there.