Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Is Homa Therapy also referred to as The Five-Fold Path a religion?

No.  Homa Therapy is not a religion, but embraces the essence  of all religions, total Love for all creation.  One need not join any particular group, one need not quit any particular religion or spiritual group.  It matters not if one is a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, etc, or if one is of no religious affiliation or even an atheist.

If you wish to become a better person while simultaneously healing the planet, then begin practice of Agnihotra and believe only what you experience.

Do the Vedas belong to the religion Hinduism exclusively?

No.  The Vedas are associated exclusively with Hinduism by some scholars, but the Vedas were given to all people.  How can any one group of people lay claim to ownership of Eternal Truth.  Vedas belong to all races, all classes, all colors, sexes, in fact to each and every one born in a human frame.

Who needs to perform Agnihotra in the household?

The more the merry, of course. Traditionally, Agnihotra is performed by the head of the household. The working head of the household is known as Yajaman in Indian languages. If that person is away and unable to perform Agnihotra it is to be performed by the wife and if she is unable then it proceeds down the family line, to a son or daughter.

Can I translate the mantras and say them in my native language?

No.  The mantras were originally given in the Sanskrit language and must be chanted in Sanskrit.  It is not merely the meaning of Sanskrit mantras but also the vibrational effect of the Sanskrit language on the atmosphere that give the mantras power.

How does one prepare for Agnihotra?

The person preforming Agnihotra should practice cleanliness as much as conditions permit.  A bath or shower before Agnihotra is desirable.  If a bath or shower is not possible one should wash face, hands, and rinse out the month.

Are there any restrictions regarding women performing Agnihotra?

The only restriction regarding women is that a women should not perform Agnihotra during her monthly cycle.

What should be done with the residual ash that remains in the copper pyramid after performance of Agnihotra?

It is best to leave the residual ash in the copper pyramid and remove it just before the next Agnihotra.  The ash is emanating subtle healing energies while in the pyramid.  Collect and store the ash in an earthen or glass container.  The pharmaceutical name for the ash is  “Agnihotra Usta” and can be used to make Agnihotra Ash Medicines and can also be applied in Homa Organic Farming.

Can one substitute any of the organic materials used in performing the Agnihotra Pyramid Fire?

No.  All the Agnihotra materials should be exactly as stated.  Cow dung and only cow dung is stipulated by the Vedas for use in Yajynas.  Other dungs such as horse, buffalo, etc. are prohibited.

The ghee also must be cow’s ghee, and if one makes their own ghee be sure that unsalted and not salted butter is used.

The rice needs to be of a whole grain variety and not refined or bleached.

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