No wonder I am writing my life spirit story! Thanks so much JAMES Blake Moore, for telling me you took the time and energy to focus your uniquely powerful divine healing connective energies, my way. I am supposed to be preparing my new spiritual fruit/herb/root breakfast and stopped to set down to write about how great I felt when I opened my refrigerator to take out my root, herbs for creating my breakfast, when I decided I felt so good about everything right now – I had better stop and take the time to write about it. It is all about how when I was full of anger (age 29 now I am age 79 – 50 years ago). MAHASHREE without me knowing anything about Him or The Five Fold Path, STOPPED me in my tracks and had me fast for 40 days and graced me with entry into LIGHT and LIBERATION. Then when I finally asked what am I to do now I heard from the CORPOREAL VOICE, (THE VOICE OF GOD) “ You must go back -raise a family- and show others the way!”

Warren “Jamal” Wilson

When I was first introduced to Agnihotra, I was told that it would bring peace to me and everything around the Pyramid Pot. I believe that it has been more than 30 years. I used to teach teenagers how to perform Agnihotra when I was a Counselor at the YMCA.

When I got married, I had stopped performing Agnihotra because I thought my then wife would not like it. Years went by and when I realized that I had stopped performing Agnihotra and my marriage was heading in the wrong direction, I had realized that the only way to get out of that trap was to start performing Agnihotra again. When I started back to doing Agnihotra, it drove the evil spirits out of my home and I had Peace again. I would perform BuSwaHa during the night when everyone was sleeping to build up the positive energy.

Agnihotra saved my life and I know this with high certainty. I strive everyday to live up to the Five-Fold Path of living right and giving thanks.


In 1980 or so myself, Blake and Author Cheeks were working with a farmer on the outskirts of Jackson, Mississippi. I used to frequent and old time Gas Station and often talked to the owner and employees about Agnihotra and Homa Organic Farming. On one such occasion I was told by the owner that his uncle had farm land that he had not farmed for several years and that he wished for me to come and meet with him. His name was Mr. Bolden and he was 86 years young. When I arrived at his home we sat at the table and he offered me a Coca-Cola. Then the first thing he said to me was, “Son I have been praying to God to send someone to help me farm this land.”

He needed financial help to get his tractor back up and running, a daily supply of gasoline, seeds and other necessary materials to farm the land. So Author and I shared the expenses needed to do the Homa Organic Farming. One particular day we needed more money than we had to keep things moving, in fact we were totally spent out. While driving back home from the land that day I was suddenly guided to stop and go into a telephone booth along the side of the road. When I got in the phone booth there was a blank envelope on the floor with enough money to purchase all that was needed. Numerous occasions like this have happened over the years and this is just one that I thought I would mention here.

J.B. Moore

I was introduced to the fire about 13 years ago by brother James”Blake” Moore in Jackson, Mississippi. I was overwhelmed by the peaceful and healing atmosphere that I experienced in the room that Blake set aside for the sacred fire. I was deeply moved as Blake uttered the mantras often repeated after Agnihotra which included Sapta Shloki. I also observe him perform Gayatri mantra, Vyrahruti Yajnya, and Om Tryambakam. I am very grateful to brother Blake for showing me the Fivefold Path of Agnihotra, Daan, Tapa, Karma and Swadhyaya.

James E. Lyons

In July 2005 prior to hurricane Katrina I was blessed to learn about the Holy, Healing, Sacred, Homa Therapy Fire – AGNIHOTRA that is performed at Sunrise and Sunset. After experiencing AGNIHOTRA I felt like that it was the missing piece of the puzzle in life that I had been searching for. I felt Whole-Completed. Six months after daily performance of Homa fires at 5am, Sunrise Agnihotra, 1 hour of Maha Mrityunjay Mantra, 10am, 12 noon, 3pm, Sunset Agnihotra and 9pm my eyebrows grew back that I lost going through menopause. I have had so many wonderful, life changing experiences in doing Homa Fires especially AGNIHOTRA, THAT I NEVER WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT IT IN MY LIFFE. Brother Umoja Lewis taught me. He was very dedicated and sincere about the Homa Fire especially Agnihotra. He left the body on December 25, 2012. He introduced me to another dedicated and sincere devotee James Blake Moore and also Frank Nelson.

I pray that I can CONTINUE to center may life around the Homa Fire timings. The birds sing and love it. I excitingly await the day that I can live on a Homa Farm maybe in Madison, VA. with Lisa and Richard Powers or wherever I am Divinely guided.


Rasheedah Lewis

I began performing Agnihotra in the summer of 1973. A friend and fellow musician named ‘Jamal’ Warren Wilson who I had met a year ago came from Baltimore, MD to Pittsburgh, PA to shared the Agnihotra pyramid Fire. He had just recently learned Agnihotra from Vasant V. Paranjpe. We connected immediately and drove to my parents home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh where I was given a weekend crash course in everything Agnihotra. Jamal taught me the Sunrise and Sunset mantras and also how to gather and spread the cow dung. I also read and hand copied his copy of the book “Grace Alone which was written in India by Vasant V. Paranjpe before leaving or even knowing that he would embark on a Divine Mission traveling the globe for nearly 36 years spreading the message of the Five Fold Path. Jamal came with Agnihotra at a time in my life that a major karmic cycle had just ended and the opportunity to start afresh lied before me, and Agnihotra was the perfect vehicle of transformation. The peace, the bliss and the joy was indescribable. Before the year was over in late December 1973 I was Divinely relocated to the Maryland, Washington, DC area where I met my ‘Spiritual Teacher’ and saw Vasant the first day I arrived at a place that was called The Agnihotra House on 5th St. NW. Washington, DC. From my first Agnihotra to this very day I have witnessed and felt Maharaj Shree’s invisible hand molding and guiding me. My experience on the Five Fold Path can be best summed up by the last sentences of Vasant V. Paranjpe’s book “Grace Alone”. “As a pilgrim on the Fivefold Path of Satya Dharma, when you start climbing up the Divine ladder you know it is By Grace Alone. When you go higher up you realize it is Grace Alone.”