The “Sacred Words”

of Maharaj Shree

Shree Vasant's Teacher

Parama Sadguru Shri Gajanan Maharaj

Shree as affectionately referred to by people around the world is Parama Sat Guru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shivapuri-Akkalkot, India.  Shree was born in Kharagpur, India (near Calcutta in West Bengal) on May 17, 1918.  It is Shree who has resuscitated the knowledge of the Vedas and more specifically the science of Yajnya or Homa.  This is the science of healing the atmosphere by means of the agency of the fire element.  Agnihotra the basic Yajnya/Homa, easily practiced by anyone, based on the circadian rhythm of sunrise / sunset has been revived to Save Planet Earth.


Kalka means pollution, hence Kalki Avatar is Avatar that comes to destroy the harmful effects of pollution.



Ten Principles of the Vedas

Veda-tatva dashaka, is also referred to as the Ten Commandments. Whoever obeys these commands of the  Holy Vedas will be liberated, so long as they are followed by body, speech and mind.

The Seven Verses

Sapta-shloki is a gift given to humanity by Shree Galanan Maharaji. It gives the gist of the Vedas, the cosmic blueprint for living a happy life on planet Earth in seven verses.

Eternal Religion

Satya sanatan dharma are eternal principles of happy living given at the time of creation. It is the root of all religions, and it is the tree, while all other religions and sects are its branches and leaves.

The Divine Message

Sacred words of Shree Gajanan Maharaj that were first written and spoken to some of those closest to Shree. The “sacred words” were later shared through them to the world.