In 1980 or so myself, Blake and Author Cheeks were working with a farmer on the outskirts of Jackson, Mississippi. I used to frequent and old time Gas Station and often talked to the owner and employees about Agnihotra and Homa Organic Farming. On one such occasion I was told by the owner that his uncle had farm land that he had not farmed for several years and that he wished for me to come and meet with him. His name was Mr. Bolden and he was 86 years young. When I arrived at his home we sat at the table and he offered me a Coca-Cola. Then the first thing he said to me was, “Son I have been praying to God to send someone to help me farm this land.”

He needed financial help to get his tractor back up and running, a daily supply of gasoline, seeds and other necessary materials to farm the land. So Author and I shared the expenses needed to do the Homa Organic Farming. One particular day we needed more money than we had to keep things moving, in fact we were totally spent out. While driving back home from the land that day I was suddenly guided to stop and go into a telephone booth along the side of the road. When I got in the phone booth there was a blank envelope on the floor with enough money to purchase all that was needed. Numerous occasions like this have happened over the years and this is just one that I thought I would mention here.