The Ten Basic Principles of the Vedas

‘Satyasya Navaha Sukrutamapiparan’ – (Rigveda – 9-73-1)

Purport: The boat of truthful conduct will take you across the ocean of life.

‘Anago Hatya Vai Bhima’ – (Atharvaveda – 10-1-29)

Purport: It is highly dangerous to harm or hurt innocent people.

‘‘Priyam sarvasya Pashyat Oot Shudra Ootarye’ – Atharvaveda – 19-62-1

Purport: Right from Brahmana (the virtuous) to Chandala (the wicked) think of the welfare of all.

‘Tanme Manaah Shivsankalpamastu’ – (Shukla Yajurveda Vajasaneyi Samhita – 34-1)

Purport: Perpetually let only the best resolves come to my mind so that I am

constantly able to perform good deeds.

‘Ooto Rayih Proonato Nopa Dasyati’ – (Rigveda – 10-117-1)

Purport: One who possesses the quality of generous disposition his wealth will never deplete.

‘Shudhaha Poota Bhavaat Yadniyasah’ – (Rigveda – 10-18-2)

Purport: Maintain pure and sacred conduct and lead a benevolent life.

‘Brahmacharyena Tapasa Raja Rashtram Virakshati Acharyo Brahmacharyena Brahmacharinamicchati’ – (Atharvaveda – 11-5-17)

Purport: Prosperity of a Nation and enrichment of Knowledge is possible only with

the practice of Brahmacharya (Celibacy) Tapa (penance).

‘Ataptatanurno Tadamo Ashnute’ – (Rigveda – 9=83-1)

Purport: Without the practice of Tapa (Penance) it is not possible to comprehend the nature of the Almighty (God-Realization).

‘Pavaka Nah Saraswati’ – (Rigveda – 1-3-10)

Purport: Study the sacred scriptures like the Vedas so that your heart gets purified.

‘Mahecha Na tvamdrivah Para Shulkaya Deyam’ – (Rigveda – 8-1-5)

Purport: O‘ Almighty Father I will not renounce you in any circumstances.

‘Tvamasmakam tava smasi‘ – (Rigveda – 8-12-32)

Purport: You alone belong to us and we belong to you only.

‘Tapaswadhyayeshwar Pranidhanani Kriyayogah’ -(Shri Patanjal Yogasutra – 2-1)

Purport: Tapa, (Penance). Swadhyaya (Self-study) and Ishwarpranidhan (Surrender to His Will) are Kriya-yogas, the pathways for spiritual practice.


The Seven Verses

Sapta-shloki is a gift given to humanity by Shree Gajanan Maharaji. It gives the gist of the Vedas, the cosmic blueprint for living a happy life on planet Earth in seven verses.

Eternal Religion

Satya sanatan dharma are eternal principles of happy living given at the time of creation. It is the root of all religions, and it is the tree, while all other religions and sects are its branches and leaves.

The Divine Message

Sacred words of Shree Gajanan Maharaj that were first written and spoken to some of those closest to Shree. The “sacred words” were later shared through them to the world.