“Whatever the Almighty expects from me He will certainly get it so done by me. I have totally surrendered my existence at His will. Hence I am confident that the One who has made me realise my duties will also provide me the necessary ability to fulfill them.”

“I have no intention of telling anybody to drink water only through the hollow of the hands of some particular person. If the Almighty desires to give a certain message to the world through me well, so shall He do on His own Will. I am only His humble servant.”

“I never propound or treat with difference any particular religion. The regard with which I will expound Hindu religion or the views belonging to Hindu religion in the same manner and with the same regard I will do so for Bible and Koran too.”

“I have told many, in no uncertain words, not to take me as a Guru but several of them have unnecessarily identified me with the Guru sentiment. Many people might have experienced wonderful miracles or superhuman powers inhabited in my being, even then I am not the doer of all that. I am just an observer and not a doer of those divine occurrences. I had given up ownership of my body and had completely handed it over to the Almighty. He then began using it in this manner.”

“If someone sees something super-natural in me promptly I try to distance myself from him. The reason being the elevation of the self has to be attempted by everyone himself.”

“No scripture is capable of guiding rightly. Even after studying various religions no gain is accomplished except establishing the existence of the Almighty. Only Vedas are capable of drawing a word-sketch of the Almighty, however slightly or indistinctly it may be. The principles of the Vedas are universal conquerors and have remained unimpeded for all times. In future also they will remain indestructible (unrefutable).”

“All religions, all beliefs and counter beliefs are singular in nature and have come into existence according to the need of the circumstances prevailing in those times. Complete in all respects and the most established truths that are effectively applicable at all time are expounded by Vedas alone.”

“This is why in course of time religion propounded by the Vedas will be the Universal Religion.”

“Study of the Vedas, adoration of Vedas and obeying commands of the Vedas are rights based on equality. This is the teaching of Satya Sanatan Drarma (the Eternal Religion). The reason being the root of all the religions of the entire world is in the Eternal Religion. The Eternal Religion is the tree and all those religions and sects are its branches and sub-branches respectively.”