The Agnihotra Pyramid is of a prescribed shape/size and is made of either copper or gold.  Copper and gold both have very similar healing qualities and  are both extremely conductive. The Agnihotra Pyramid has three steps. The word “pyr” means “fire”, and “mid” means middle. The word pyramid denotes the science of burning fire in the middle.



Cow dung has been considered an extremely medicinal  substance in all cultures.

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Rice used for Agnihotra needs to be unbroken, whole grain, raw rice.



Cows Ghee or clarified butter is made from unsalted butter.  This is the one ingredient found in all Homas (Yajnyas) small or large.  Ghee is considered a carrier and is said to carry the effects of the Homa to the higher regions.  Ghee is also often used in Ayurvedic  medicinal formulas and it is said that ghee has the intelligence  to carry the healing essence of the Ayurvedic medicine to the exact area or areas of the body that needs to be healed.  It is also a scientific known fact that if cow’s ghee is burnt the weight of the residual ash remains the same.  This defies laws and explanation and no other substance known to man exhibits this characteristic.  Also,  the older the ghee the more powerful the medicinal properties become.