When I was first introduced to Agnihotra, I was told that it would bring peace to me and everything around the Pyramid Pot. I believe that it has been more than 30 years. I used to teach teenagers how to perform Agnihotra when I was a Counselor at the YMCA.

When I got married, I had stopped performing Agnihotra because I thought my then wife would not like it. Years went by and when I realized that I had stopped performing Agnihotra and my marriage was heading in the wrong direction, I had realized that the only way to get out of that trap was to start performing Agnihotra again. When I started back to doing Agnihotra, it drove the evil spirits out of my home and I had Peace again. I would perform BuSwaHa during the night when everyone was sleeping to build up the positive energy.

Agnihotra saved my life and I know this with high certainty. I strive everyday to live up to the Five-Fold Path of living right and giving thanks.