I began performing Agnihotra in the summer of 1973. A friend and fellow musician named ‘Jamal’ Warren Wilson who I had met a year ago came from Baltimore, MD to Pittsburgh, PA to shared the Agnihotra pyramid Fire. He had just recently learned Agnihotra from Vasant V. Paranjpe. We connected immediately and drove to my parents home in the suburbs of Pittsburgh where I was given a weekend crash course in everything Agnihotra. Jamal taught me the Sunrise and Sunset mantras and also how to gather and spread the cow dung. I also read and hand copied his copy of the book “Grace Alone which was written in India by Vasant V. Paranjpe before leaving or even knowing that he would embark on a Divine Mission traveling the globe for nearly 36 years spreading the message of the Five Fold Path. Jamal came with Agnihotra at a time in my life that a major karmic cycle had just ended and the opportunity to start afresh lied before me, and Agnihotra was the perfect vehicle of transformation. The peace, the bliss and the joy was indescribable. Before the year was over in late December 1973 I was Divinely relocated to the Maryland, Washington, DC area where I met my ‘Spiritual Teacher’ and saw Vasant the first day I arrived at a place that was called The Agnihotra House on 5th St. NW. Washington, DC. From my first Agnihotra to this very day I have witnessed and felt Maharaj Shree’s invisible hand molding and guiding me. My experience on the Five Fold Path can be best summed up by the last sentences of Vasant V. Paranjpe’s book “Grace Alone”. “As a pilgrim on the Fivefold Path of Satya Dharma, when you start climbing up the Divine ladder you know it is By Grace Alone. When you go higher up you realize it is Grace Alone.”